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As more building projects are developed, it’s essential to understand the potential risks of UXO within the vicinity of your client’s site. Unexpected discoveries could lead to delays with project timescales as well as racking up additional costs for your client, so by undertaking this search your clients have a comprehensive view on risks. Buried unexploded bombs and projectiles may represent hazards for present time and future activities, such as new building infrastructures or drillings. GPR geoelectric and magnetic investigations could be carried out to be employed in view of locating buried metallic pipes that might be locally sources of leakages and underground contamination.


We investigate specific locations such as proposed piles, boreholes, shafts or deep excavations for unexploded ordnance using magnetic sensors. To investigate open areas of ground, we conduct geophysical surveys using magnetic and electromagnetic techniques. These detect ferrous objects in the subsurface and provide rapid coverage. They are often used to decide where intrusive investigations should be targeted. Geophysical methods are more effective in sites where there are few other metallic objects or structures above or below the surface.