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To analyze and study the problem of pollution and contamination of soil and groundwater due to industrial spills, landfills leakage or other accidents it is very important to understand the controlling contaminant transport processes. The environmental geophysic provides a wide spectrum of tools to identify the most relevant hydrogeophysical parameters able to study the process occurring in the subsoil with good reliability at time and costs reduced. Moreover, obtained the physical characteristics of the soil, it is possible to define and optimize the simulated models to study and manage the contamination phenomenon.


A lot of geophysical research is based on the application of high resolution geophysical methods for the characterization of flow and transport. The key feature of the geophysical approach is the non-invasiveness and repeatability of the methods with a high sampling density and different resolution. This is particularly true if geophysical imaging methods are applied in an automated, time-lapse manner, using modern data acquisition systems and processing technique.