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Seismic sources Geo Alps can use a beam for the generation of SH-waves. The 70 kg beam is encased at the ends by steel plates. The beam coupling at the ground is improved either  by several spikes driven into the ground or by loading  the axle load of the vehicle wheels. Using an 8 kg sledge hammer to strike alternately both ends , the beam produces SH-wave trains of opposite polarities, which are used for the identification of the refracted s-wave arrival times.
  • Airgun

  • Seismic recording systems
  • Syscal Iris Instruments Pro 72
  • Geophones borehole 3D – Ambrogeo
  • N° 1 DaqLink III – Seismic Source 24 channel
  • Vibrometer
  • Airgun

  • Rayfract
  • WinMasw
  • HoliSurface
  • Res2Dinv
  • Win DownHole
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    Expert office)

    Seismic sources
    Weight dropper FFWD-GX II
    Free fall of a 360 kg hammer from a height of 4 m with a tool assembled on an IVECO Daily truck.
    The tool is equipped with a locking mechanism preventing the rebound of the weight when it hits the base plate.
    Under favourable conditions investigation depths reached 4500m.

    Weight dropper BISON EWG III
    The fall of a 250 kg steel piston is accelerated by elastic rubber slings. The drop height is 0.8 m. The tool is assembled on a 4×4 GAZ truck.
    Under favourable conditions investigation depths reached 3000m.

    Weight dropper VAKIMPAK
    The weight is a 50 kg hammer connected to an anvil in an airtight cylinder. The fall is accelerated by the vacuum produced when the hammer is lifted. The drop height is 1.6m, the total weight is 750 kg.
    Under favourable conditions investigation depths reached 900m.

    Weight droppper SAWD
    The weight of 15 kg is accelerated by a spring. The SAWD is equipped with a small hydraulic weight lifting unit driven by an electric motor. In order to save battery power the lifting of the weight can be assisted manually. Very handy in rough terrain, the total weight is 150 kg.
    30 g until 1 kg
    5 until 12 kg
    Shear beam

    Seismic recording systems
    Smart System by Seismic Instruments
  • 18 x 20 channels: 10Hz digital geophones for hybrid seismic surveying
  • 6 x 20 channels: 4.5Hz digital geophones for multichannel analysis of surface waves (Rayleigh MASW)
  • Central remote unit for data recording using a standard PC
  • Seismic Instruments(Austin, USA)
  • SUMMIT Compact by DMT GmbH & Co. KG
  • 10 × 24 channels: 10Hz and 20Hz geophones (24 bit delta sigma technology)
  • 4 x 24 channels: shear wave geophones for multichannel analysis of surface waves (Love MASW) and S-waves refraction tomography
  • DMT GmbH & Co. KG(Essen, Germany)

  • Seismic processing software SPW
  • by Parallel Geoscience Corporation(Incline Village, USA)
  • Seismic Processing Workshop
  • RadExPro
  • by DECO Geophysical SC(Moscow, Russia)
  • Processing and interpretation software
  • Rayfract
  • by Intelligent Resources Inc.(Vancouver, Canada)
  • Refraction tomography software to image subsurface velocity structure.
  • SurfSeis
  • by Kansas Geological Survey(Lawrence, USA)
  • Software for Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)
  • winMASW
  • by Eliosoft(Trieste, Italy)
  • Software for Surface Wave Analysis
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    (c/o Cis

    Seismic source
  • Elvis III system
  • Is a compact P or S wave vibratory source is ideal for high resolution seismic reflection surveys. The newly available Sweep Freq vibrator control software developed by Geomatrix, means that you can control the operation of both Geodes and the vibrator from the same PC, and have total control over your sweep parameters and output amplitude, please refer to Sweep Freq page for further details. Elvis brings the control of data quality previously the realm of seismic reflection surveys for the oil industry in to the hands of the engineering geophysicists.
  • Airgun

  • Seismic recording systems
  • GEORESISTIVIMETRO 72 canali – Syscal Pro Switch 72 made in France
  • GEORADAR Survey Systems inc: SIR3000 nr. Serie 058 – ICES-003 – made in USA
  • – Antenne schermate della Geophysical Survey Systems inc:
    – 400 Mhz model/serial 5103/R407 – made in USA
    – 500 Mhz model/serial 3102A – made in USA
    – 200 Mhz model/serial 5106/2140 – made in USA
    – 900 Mhz model/serial 5106/2140 – made in USA
    – 1600 Mhz – nr 3151 – blue cart nr 671 – made USA
  • N° 3 SISMOGRAFI – DaqLink III:– made in USA ;
  • TROMOGRAFO – Vibraloc Abem:– Made in Sweden
  • CERCATUBI Radiodetection: -– Made in United Kingdom;
  • ELETTROMAGNETOMETRO- EM31 Geonics– Made in Canada.
  • VERY LOW FREQUENCY (ABEM) – Made in Sweden
  • PROVE SU PALI – strumentazione Pile Echometric Tester (PET) Piletest SA;
  • METAL DETECTOR Pulse Star II Tb Electronic Gmbh made in Germany
  • GRADIOMETRO FOESTER FEREX 4032 DLG made in Germany
  • 1 borehole geophon 3D BGK5 della Geotomographie;

  • Radan GSSI per georadar (USA)
  • OptimPro sismica a rifrazione (USA)
  • WinSeis Turbo KGS sismica a riflessione (USA)
  • Geogiga seismic pro sismica a riflessione (Canada)
  • PET Piletest SA (USA)
  • Geostru e CIS Geofisica srl prove in foro (Italia)
  • Res2dinv e Tomolab per geoelettrica 2D
  • ERTLAB per geoelettrica 3D (Italia)
  • VLF UVSZ Abem (Svezia)
  • Surfseis KGS (USA)
  • Winmasw (Italia) per masw
  • Branch of
    (c/o Geo
    Tirreno office)
    Seismic recording systems
  • Syscal IRIS instruments– Pro 48
  • Syscal Iris Instruments – Pro 72
  • Switch Box – IRIS instruments – Switch 48
  • Geophones borehole 3D – Geotomographie
  • N° 2 DaqLink III Seismic Source 24 channel
  • N° 2 Radio Trigger PASI srl

  • Rayfract
  • WinMasw
  • HoliSurface
  • Res2Dinv
  • WinDownHole
  • Surfer
  • Voxler